What is a Therapedic Electric Mattress Pad?

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Therapedic electric mattress pads are a popular choice among consumers looking to get more comfort from their beds and alleviate chronic health issues. They allow you to customize sleep settings and can be used with a wide range of mattresses.

Therapedic Electric Mattress

What you may not realize is that the benefits provided by a therapedic electric mattress pad can also be obtained by simply owning a quality mattress that’s suited for your needs.

How a Therapedic Electric Mattress Pad Works

Therapedic electric mattress pads let you adjust your bed to a variety of temperature settings. An increased temperature often helps people sleep more comfortably, but many use electric mattress pads to treat chronic pain due to muscle and joint issues. Spasms and arthritis can often be alleviated using heat, and an electric mattress pad is a simple solution.

A high temperature can improve blood flow and reduce any stiffness that can occur when dealing with chronic pain. Unlike electric blankets, which generally encompass you with heat, therapedic electric mattress pads work by distributing air upwards.

Your Mattress and Your Health

Although an electric mattress pad may provide relief to common health problems, the same benefits can be obtained simply by using the right mattress. In fact, a therapedic electric mattress pad only works at the symptom level, as it doesn’t correct the root cause of some chronic pain issues.

Using a poor-quality or incorrect mattress for your posture can cause pain over time. Without the proper support, your body’s posture while sleeping becomes compromised, resulting in poor circulation, which affects the health and vitality of muscles and joints.

Your mattress must match the unique needs and design of your body. If it isn’t, the quality of your sleep suffers, which leads to fatigue and higher levels of stress.

A good mattress puts your body in the ideal position for good health. It keeps your joints and spine in the proper alignment and allows them to recover as you sleep through the night.

Finding the Right Mattress

Your mattress must be tailored to your needs. What works for someone else may not work for you. Try out a variety of support levels and mattress models to find the best one. Be sure to ask the sales representative about the different components of each mattress and how that will influence the benefits you receive.

The arrangement and number of mattress coils will vary, and there are different sizes and thicknesses available for you to choose from. Each of these components should be selected based on your own unique preferences.

A quality mattress gives you the support you need to maintain the natural curvature of the spine. This maintains proper alignment and provides the support you need to eliminate pain.

Finally, you should also consider when it is time to replace an old mattress. A sagging bed is just one of the many signs that you need to invest in a new one. A quality mattress that meets your individual needs is the best way to alleviate chronic pain issues and improve your quality of sleep. Therapedic electric mattress pads may be limited, as they fail to address the root causes of many muscle and joint issues.

Choosing the right bed will give you the sleep you need for better health and freedom from pain. Talk to our experts today to find out what would work best for your needs!