How to Clean an iComfort Mattress

Cleaning is an essential part of maintaining the quality and durability of your mattress. It prevents the growth of mildew and dust mites while ensuring that your warranty remains valid over time.

Cleaning iComfort Mattresses

When purchasing an iComfort mattress, you want to make sure you take the same steps to keep it clean so that you can enjoy all the benefits it offers.

What is an iComfort Mattress?

The iComfort mattress provides the comfort that you’d expect from a quality memory foam mattress. It uses the latest technology and integrates a variety of materials to provide the unique sleep experience that supports your health and well-being.

You can find the iComfort mattress in a wide range of styles to meet your needs and preferences, and it can be used with Serta’s adjustable bed foundation to help you design a sleep system that’s ideal for you.

Taking Care of Your iComfort Mattress

Prevention is the first step in keeping your iComfort mattress clean. Stains can affect your manufacturer’s warranty and prevent you from keeping your mattress protected in the future.

There are products that help your mattress resist stains, but they must be used correctly. Saturating your iComfort mattress can cause damage, so you need to understand how to use these products.

Regular vacuuming will also help protect your iComfort mattress. Dust mites and mould can develop over time, and this will help prevent buildups within the material. Pets should have a designated sleeping area in order to keep them off your iComfort mattress whenever possible to minimize the presence dirt and debris.

Cleaning the iComfort Mattress

To clean your iComfort mattress, you’ll need to remove all of your blankets and sheets. With the proper hand-held attachment, begin vacuuming the mattress to remove all debris or dirt that may be present. This makes it easier to remove stains if needed.

If you’re cleaning up general stains, you can use a combination of laundry detergent and warm water. Add about a quarter cup of powder detergent to the water and mix thoroughly until it begins to produce suds.

Using a sponge, apply this solution to the stain by rubbing it into the mattress. Then take a damp cloth and use this to rinse the treated area. You’ll need to allow some time for the mattress to dry before replacing the bedding and sheets.

If you’re cleaning mildew or mould, you’ll need to use bleach with water and apply it using a spray bottle. Use a sponge to scrub the affected area and rinse using a damp cloth. When drying, place the mattress in direct sunlight to effectively remove the mould and mildew.

Cleaning your iComfort mattress keeps it looking and feeling new for an extended length of time. It protects your warranty by ensuring that no damage occurs outside of the protection provided to the mattress by the manufacturer.

Preventing damage and stains maximizes the return of investing in a high-quality iComfort mattress for your home.