How Often do you Need a New Mattress?

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Your mattress is your key to a sound, successful and restful night’s sleep. Finding the perfect mattress is easy when you consult an expert who can evaluate what you need based on a variety of factors including your most common sleeping position, size, weight, and other variables, but, how often do you need a new mattress?

New Mattress

Some experts suggest that you should evaluate whether or not you need a new mattress every five to seven years. While there is no ‘magic number’ as to how long a mattress can last or a requirement as to when exactly you should replace it, there are a few factors to consider that can help you decide when to go mattress shopping:

  • Evaluate your sleep:
  • There are a few red flags when it comes to your sleep. If you find yourself having trouble sleeping or are waking up still feeling quite fatigued, it may be time to replace your mattress. In addition, if you find other beds to be more comfortable or you get a better night’s sleep in a friend’s or hotel’s bed, you may want to consider getting a new mattress. It is important for your mattress to provide optimal support and comfort so if it’s not, it’s likely time for a change.

  • Listen to your body:
  • Sometimes our bodies can tell us when something is wrong. When it comes to deciding whether or not you need a new mattress, your body could be one of your best indicators. If you find that you are waking up with aches, pains, or cramps, you’ll need to find a more suitable mattress that better supports your body.

  • Take a look at your mattress:
  • Actually take a good look at the physical quality of your mattress. If there are any deformations such as tears, holes, lumps, sags, or dents, it’s an indicator that the mattress can no longer successfully perform its primary duties.

  • Keep time in mind:
  • The amount of time you’ve had your mattress is important to keep in mind. Every five to seven years, you should evaluate your mattress and decide if it needs to be replaced. Consider the buildup of dirt and allergens that can accumulate over that long of a time period. It’s not the most pleasant thought, but dead skin cells, sweat, and other human factors lead to the deterioration of a mattress over time. In addition, our bodies and lifestyles can change within the span of five to seven years, which could lead to a need for a new mattress.

  • Talk to your partner:
  • If you share your bed with a partner, discuss your mattress with them. If they are experiencing discomfort or are tossing and turning all night, you may need to find a new mattress that suits both your needs.

Again, there is no particular mandate on when exactly a mattress should be changed. But, while the amount of time may vary from person to person, following the above guidelines will make it simple to decide when mattress shopping is right for you.