How does Memory Foam Work?

Memory foam was originally a NASA invention in the 1960’s for airplane seats, and is derived from a substance called viscoelastic. It is known for being soft in texture as well as energy absorbent.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is sensitive to heat and pressure and will allow your bodyweight to be evenly distributed. Once the pressure from your body is removed, memory foam resumes its original shape. This was an ideal material for protecting against impact and maintaining comfort on long flights. Despite NASAs intention to keep the technology confidential, it has since been commercialised as more affordable products were put on the market for commercial use.

How does memory foam differ from regular foam?

Memory foam cells change their shape when weight is applied and conform to your body shape. You will feel less pressure when your weight is applied.

Multi-use products

Memory foam has a variety of uses. In airplanes and vehicles it absorbs any strong impact, and is used as cushioning material for shoes and helmets. Memory foam is even used for prosthetic limbs and seats for the disabled.

Memory is now a common material in pillows, mattresses and mattress pads, but is it an effective aid for sleeping? While most questions regarding sleep have many different factors, this is one issue that the experts agree on: Memory foam is great for your sleep habits.

How memory foam can help with your sleep

Memory foam’s soft characteristics can make it comfortable for sleeping. In addition, its tendency to absorb body heat can make it useful for winter. If you like to turn your thermostat down or off during the winter, memory foam can help store additional heat and save you energy.

Memory foam is also known to relieve pressure points on the body. It also helps you to maintain the curves and natural lines of your shape. This allows your spine to remain straight and chiropractors find this to be particularly healthy. If you share the mattress with a partner, then memory foam can reduce the sensitivity of the bed to body movements. If there is a lot of tossing and turning by your partner, you will feel much less of it.

Memory foams are more hygienic

Memory foams attract fewer bugs as the material is not particularly insect friendly. It also causes less irritation for people who suffer from allergies, however, you should still clean it regularly. You can also obtain memory foam products that comply with fire regulations.

Memory foam now comes in a variety of shape, sizes and textures. You should shop around to find a memory foam mattress that is suitable for you. For a better idea of how you can improve your sleep with this advanced material, contact our team today!