Do Sealy Mattresses Come With a Warranty?

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A mattress is an investment in your comfort and health, so you want to make sure it’s protected against damage or defects. Thankfully, many mattress manufacturers offer warranties to consumers purchasing a new mattress for their homes.

Mattress Warranty

However, different warranties provide different levels of protection depending on the manufacturer. Understanding how your warranty protects your mattress for the future will help you determine the best option for your needs.

Sealy Mattress Protection

Sealy is one of the most popular choices for people looking for a reliable mattress that will last. One of the reasons people choose Sealy mattresses over other manufacturers is the warranty protection they offer to consumers.

Sealy mattresses are protected from the day they are purchased, according to the warranty schedule provided by the company. Any replacement or repair of your mattress doesn’t result in the warranty being void, which gives users the peace of mind in knowing that their mattress will be protected within the guidelines outlined in the warranty for years to come.

Warranty Do’s and Don’ts

Mattress warranties will vary, but there are some general do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of when purchasing a new mattress.

Warranties don’t cover damage related to the misuse of a mattress. For example, transporting or jumping on your mattress may lead to damage, which won’t be covered by your warranty provider.

Additionally, should you decide later that you no longer enjoy sleeping on your mattress, you won’t be able to make a warranty claim in order to replace it.

Warranties are used to protect consumers against defects or damage that results from proper use. Any malfunctions related to the coils or sagging that exceed the amount predicted by the manufacturer are all covered by mattress warranties.

Protecting Your Mattress

You should do your part to protect your mattress and enhance its function over time. Avoid using the wrong chemicals when cleaning, and avoid using any liquids on or near your mattress. Additionally, using a high-quality mattress protector helps prevent the growth of mildew and mould while protecting the warranty of your mattress.

Use a mattress pad to protect it against stains or the growth of unwanted microorganisms. This will keep your mattress sanitary while extending its lifespan.

When moving your mattress, place it on its side in order to prevent damage and make it easy to transport from one location to another. Once in its new location, you should use the right accessories for installing your mattress. Using wooden boards under your mattress may result in damage and could void your warranty.

Finally, for your warranty to remain valid, you must avoid removing the law tag attached to your mattress. This is necessary to have in place should you need to exercise your warranty coverage.

A mattress warranty protects your valuable investment. A quality mattress should last for years to come, but only if you take the steps to protect it. This gives you the most out of your mattress so that you can enjoy a long life of restful sleep!