4 Reasons Most Luxury Hotels Are Using Simmons Mattresses

When it comes to luxury hotels, nothing is more important than the quality of sleep they provide their guests. Although there are many factors that create the ideal overnight stay, a high-quality mattress ensures that guests will return in the future.

Simmons Mattresses

Because of this, it comes as no surprise to know that luxury hotels are particular about the mattresses they choose for their rooms. An increasing number of luxury hotels are using Simmons mattresses because they can depend on them to provide the comfort and restful sleep that their guests expect with each stay.

Luxury Equals Comfort

Some of the top hotels in the world use Simmons mattresses alongside the many other luxury features their rooms provide. Why? Well, much like Kingsdown and Husky, Simmons mattresses provide a superior level of comfort when compared to other brands and are recognized by luxury hotels for their durability and long-lasting support.

In order to create a true luxury experience, hotels use Simmons mattresses matched with features like temperature control and coil motion separation technology to create a level of comfort that’s isn’t found in standard hotels.

Premier Customer Service

Whether hotel guests are traveling for business or pleasure, both demand a good night’s sleep each and every night so that they can enjoy their entire stay.

The most successful hotels know how important mattress quality is and take the right steps to create exceptional sleep systems for all of their guests. It creates a level of quality customer service that results in great reviews and repeat visitors. Although other hotel amenities are important, they can never make up for a poor quality sleep caused by an inferior mattress.

If you’ve ever been to a five star hotel, there small, but extremely notable, differences that set them apart from your standard hotel. Things like upgraded sparkling water, a better selection of shampoos and conditioners stocked in the rooms, and luxury materials on the sofas, bedding, and even curtains. Of course, when it comes to the mattress, these hotels upgrade from the standard options to alternatives like the Simmons Beautyrest Recharge World Class JaelynTT, which includes the ventilated AirCool BeautyEdge foam encasement and a silk blend fibre. To the naked eye there might not be a large change to the mattress, but to the person sleeping in it, it’s day and night.

Simmons Mattress Technology

High class hotels often take advantage of latest mattress technology. Simmons in particular not only manufactures a wide range of models that use the latest materials and designs, but their reputation for maintaining their structure through thousands of nights of ware and tare make them a smart investment for high volume usage.

Simmons at Home

Luckily for those who quickly get accustomed to luxury, you don’t have to leave behind your good night’s sleep when you leave the hotel; you can easily create the same luxury comfort they experience at home.

Simmons, Serta and a variety of other companies offer a large selection of mattresses, toppers, comforters, sheets, and pillows that make it easy for regular travelers to bring their five star hotel experience with them when they return home.

The unique features and advanced technology of high class mattresses make it easy for hotels to make their guests feel at home away from home. Test a Simmons today and see why these high class hotels are known for providing a great night’s sleep!